What does the Clearable Attribute on the Column prop of the Datatable do?

It’s listed in the reference documentation: https://dash.plot.ly/datatable/reference

list of dict containing key(s): ‘options’, ‘Type’, ‘deletable’, ‘name’, ‘clearable’, ‘format’, ‘id’, ‘editable’, ‘hidden’, ‘editable_name’, ‘validation’, ‘type’, ‘on_change’, ‘presentation’

And is followed up by this sentence:

. Those keys have the following types:

  • label (number | string)
  • value (number | string)
  • Type ()
  • deletable (boolean | number)
  • name (string | list of string)
  • clearable (boolean)
  • format: . format has the following type: dict containing key(s): ‘nully’, ‘locale’, ‘specifier’, ‘prefix’

And that’s it… Firstly I assume “Those” is meant to read “These”. Secondly I tried setting it to True and clearing values out of my columns but nothing different happened.

The last sentence is supposed to read:

Secondly I tried setting it to False and clearing values out cell in the columns I set this but nothing different happened and I was able to clear those cells.

But I’m getting an error “Body is too similar to what you recently posted” when I try and edit it.