Violin plot showing non-existent datapoints

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I came across a problem regarding plotly violin plots in R - it can be seen in the first one of the examples on (“Basic Violin Plot”).

If I investigate the dataset, the lowest value for “total_bill” is 3.07:
min(df$total_bill) # 3.07

However, the lower end of the violin plot even reaches below zero on the x-axis. Is this result a bug or expected - and (how) can it be “fixed”?

I found another user who identified this as a problem:
Unfortunately, I can’t use the solution of hiding a certain group, as I do want to show the existing values within this very same group (I have this problem in the upper as well as in the lower area of my plots, but I do want to plot the existing values in the middle).

I’d appreciate any help and/or clarification :smiley:

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