Variable Number of Interactive Slider with plotly figurewidget

Hey, Im trying to build a interactive stack plot with a variable number of slider. Is this even possible?. The function call vb = VBox((fig, interactive(updatePlot, yValues=slider,xValues=slider2))) must somehow get a variable number of slider passing to it. I create a List of Sliders. Can I somehow pass it to the interactive function?

Hi @Varlor,

Iโ€™m not sure I quite understand what youโ€™re trying to do, but you could use kwarg expansion. Something like

sliders = {
    'yValues': slider1,
    'xValues': slider2,
    'zValues': slider3
interactive(updatePlot, **sliders)

Is that helpful?

Yeah worked for me , thanks! I created a variable sliderdict in a loop and passed it to the interacitve function, perfect!