Validate coordinates (points) within a polygon

Friends I am working on a map made with Dash-Leaflet but it turns out that I am capturing data with
EditControl from the frontend, I capture that data from the callback, I store that information in the browser’s memory and pass it to a function to later be able to validate if within those polygons there is any point that I have in another list, I am investigating the documentation and I can’t find how to perform that validation, I need help.

I have an example in geopandas that works, but geopandas is very heavy and the server is frozen, I hope you can help me find the best way so that the code does not saturate the server.

pdv_geo = gpd.GeoDataFrame(pdv, geometry=gpd.points_from_xy(pdv.Longitud, pdv.Latitud))

cities = pdv_geo.sjoin(barrios, how="left", predicate='intersects')

resuelt = cities.drop(columns=["GLOBALID", "Shape_Length", "Shape_Area", "SCATIPO", "index_right"])

resuelt.to_excel("dataset/datos_unificados_completos.xlsx", index=False, sheet_name="pdv")