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Using bespoke (from shp) basemap in bubble plot in Python

I am using Python and trying to make a bubble plot over the bay of Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately the basemap is not good enough to make it look like the actual bay, resolution on the layout set to 50 is not good enough. A similar question was asked in July but provided no further answers (here).
Basemap lets me read a shp file, how can I make plotly use this as the basemap to my figure?

Maybe this newer plot type by @etienne, a Mapbox based approach would work:

Yes, I looked into this and I could make it work, but the data I am trying to plot are points on the map, not areas of the map. [[ More specifically locations where measurements have been made]] Therefore if I was going to use this approach, I am probably better off just making a scatterplot with different coloured dots. I just appreciated the idea of larger circles for larger measurements.