URL in choropleth map


Does someone know if it is possible to add clickable urls to choropleth maps, i.e. when data is displayed for a particular country, that also an url link appears below the numerical value and text?

Thank you!

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Not at the moment. See https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/issues/998 for the latest development info.

OK. Thank you very much!

Based on Etienne’s solution related to click events Click events in maps, the following should work to open a URL by clicking on a country in a map:

Plotly.newPlot('graph', [{
  type: 'choropleth',
  locations: ['CAN', 'USA', 'RUS'],
  z: [10,20,30]
.then(gd => {
  gd.on('plotly_click', d => {
    var pt = (d.points || [])[0]

    switch(pt.location) {
      case 'CAN':
      case 'USA':

This would not display the URL, but it would redirect when country is clicked, which can still be useful in some cases.