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📣 URL Change for Chart Studio Cloud:

UPDATE March 24, 2020: In addition to the changes outlined below, we have transitioned from using to using everywhere. This means that the new Chart Studio Cloud URL is now but all old URLs and systems should continue to function as before (with certain exceptions listed below).

January 13, 2020

Hello Chart Studio Cloud users,

Starting last year, the main URL for Chart Studio Cloud was changed from to

Top-level pages such as, and were redirected transparently to,, and, respectively so you would likely not have noticed this change unless you were looking closely at the URL bar.

In a few weeks we will be making a more visible change: browsing to while logged in to Chart Studio Cloud will no longer redirect you to as it does right now.

This means that you’ll have to update any bookmarks you might have to quickly get to the app. You’ll still be able to get into Chart Studio Cloud from our main website by browsing to the Chart Studio product page, if you get lost.

Please note that other than that one change, every other URL will continue working the same as before, so links to individual charts etc will remain valid!

Nicolas Kruchten
VP of Product at Plotly

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Update: this change has now taken effect!

In certain circumstances, in order for older code to continue working, you may need to update the configuration on a system that has previously been used to connect to Chart Studio Cloud using Python or R. You can do this by running the following Python code one time on the machine, to update the domain names:

from import set_config_file

Note that this should not be necessary on machines which have never been used to connect to Chart Studio Cloud, and on which the latest version of the chart-studio package (which is 1.1.0 as of current writing) is installed, as this is the new default. Simply updating to the latest version of chart-studio will not update your previously-stored configuration, so this one-time step may be required.

If you are self-hosting Plotly.js-powered figures and using the “edit in Chart Studio Cloud” save-icon or “edit link”, you will need to update the configuration of these figures to set plotlyServerURL: "" in order for this functionality to continue working.

If you are a user who clicked on such a link and landed on instead of as expected, please share the above information with the administrators of the system where you found the figure you were trying to load into Chart Studio Cloud.