Upload and submit user input files to remote server with Slurm

Hi all,

This is my first time posting a question in this great forum. Is it possible to upload the user uploaded file into some remote server and also submit a job using slurm from within Dash for processing the input and return the results to the user in the dash web app? I did my research to find if this would be possible but could not find the answer.

Hi @naa4321,

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It has been ages since I last worked with slurm, so I certainly can’t provide any definitive answer or working examples. Let’s hope that someone can provide them for you…

That said, I believe it is possible to do what you want, because one can execute all sorts of python commands from the server side of a Dash application (in the callbacks). So the tricky part is actually how to use python to interact with slurm: it could be using subprocess or maybe there are client libraries for that.