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Updating graph with new data every 100 ms or so

Hello, I have recently started using the Plotly library and have come across and issue with speed for plotting large data sets dynamically. I’m using the javascript library

The Problem:
I have a plot graph that receives updates with new data every 100 ms. I’m calling the restyle method every time I have new data to add to an existing graph, but this is slowing down the browser. I read the plotly reference page, and figured to use resytle instead of redraw() as it said there the latter was slower. I figure the browser gets slow because it gets asked to restyle() the plot way too often, but have no idea what other method to call to update the data in the graph. Is there something I’m missing to be able to do this faster? Thanks


Did you ever resolve your issue? I’m interested on what you did to improve performance.