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Uncertainty in fit parameters

Hi all,

I’m using plotly studio to do graphical analysis with my High School physics students. In the latest update of chart studio the estimates of parameters of a line on a scatter graph seem to have lost their uncertainty estimates. Any idea how to access these values? Here’s a screenshot from the previous version with the uncertainties shown

and here’s a copy of the new version without the uncertainties.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


As part of our recent upgrade these features were removed, but we’re seeing a fair bit of demand for bringing them back so we’re looking at when it can be done.


Are there any updates about if/when this feature may be reintroduced. It is an important part of my teaching program and I’m not sure where to find an alternative!

Hi there,

Sorry for the silence on this topic, which has mostly been since there are no plans to bring back this Chart Studio Cloud feature at this time. I apologize for the inconvenience.