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Unable to export

I would like to voice a complaint. I am extremely disappointed at the low quality of the student membership to the plotly website plotting function. I have created some graphs for a paper I’m working on, and even though I just paid a $99 for the student version in order to be able to export my plots as PDFs, the website says, “Oops, there was an error exporting your plot.” WHENEVER I try to export the plots as pdfs.

This is unacceptable. I have just paid $99 for a service that was not provided. I would either like a refund or for this to be fixed immediately, and if this does not happen I will have to take action to let others know never to pay for the student account because it does not offer the services that are advertised.

I’m sorry you’ve been having trouble with exporting. Could you provide some links to the plots you’re having trouble exporting please? I’ll see if I can get this fixed.

Hi, I also have student account and I am having problems plotting this:

I read that the data sets must be 10mb, but I doubt I have reached this data, since its plotting online well, just the export to image is not working. Plus, when I download the data to a CSV, its taking 2.7mb…

Other plots with smaller data sets of my collection are exporting to image correctly.

Thank you.

It looks like you’re hitting an internal limit on the number of data points that our image-export system can handle, which is 50,000 points total. We’ll make this clearer than the current error you’re seeing (or not seeing, as it just looks like the export is failing)

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A more detailed feedback is greatly welcomed!

Thank you.

As a workaround if somebody needs:

I can get the PDF of the plot if I Print to PDF from Chrome. Then, open the PDF in Inkscape (a free open-source vector graphics editor) and delete the borders of the page. Works quite good. Although would be better if direct export would work, of course.