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Unable to Create Horizontal Bar Chart

When creating a bar chart, setting your trace bar style to ‘horizontal’ appears to have no effect. The setting reverts to ‘vertical’ no matter what you do.

The easiest way to reproduce this is to create a new chart, add a bar chart trace, and then use the feature to add sample data to the chart. The graph will work as expected with the sample data (it produces a horizontal bar chart). Now add a new, third trace to the graph, go to the styling menu for that trace, and try and set the bars to ‘horizontal’. It will have no effect on the graph and instead keep reverting to vertical mode.

Hey @benjohnson,

Thanks for reporting and sharing your workflow. I’ve made an issue and will post here again once the issue is resolved. In the interim, you can - with a bit of tweaking - use the JSON editor to change the orientation (see image below).