Two inputs for my callback? (Can be deleted)

Hi All,

I’ve tried to add an extra variable to my callback, but I cant seem to get it working. Can you guys give me some tips on how to continue with my project?

Code visible here:

In line 40 to 44:
I currently go through all selected countries in my country-picker selector and generate a dataset for a specific product in that country. This works as intended, but doesn’t allow me to filter on specific products for the selected country.

I then thought about making it more dynamic by changing line 43 into something like:
For product in dcc.Checklist.values, but this doesn’t work.

What is the most efficient way of adding an extra checklist as input for my country-selector?

EDIT: I am officially an idiot. After two days of having issues I find a very simple explanation ont he dash user-guides and found a solution.