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Trouble with converting offline choropleth animation to online

Hello, I am in the final stage of a project I’ve been working on for some time. I built a choropleth world map animation in offline mode and now I am seeing that doing it online requires a different process. I’ve looked around and it looks like this person tried but had a lot of difficulty and never resolved it: Python plotly: how to make a choropleth map with a slider (access grid data issue)

Does anyone know of a way to do it? Secondly, I would also accept workarounds at this point. Basically, I am trying to put this into a medium blog post but they do not support embedding raw html. I instead have to use embedly. Is saving the raw html with another provider, say github, and then moving it to medium through embedly an option?

Is there any way to get the offline mode version into my medium post? Or do I have to figure out the plotly online mode grid process?

Thank you so much for reading I am in dire straits currently.