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Transform filter on histogram not being applied


First post on here, so please be gentle! I am trying to render a histogram via r Shiny with one transform filter applied. However, it only applies the value of the one item in the filter list to the histogram not all or any that are added. I would like it to be 1 or many of the options that are selected that get applied and sum up the count. So if I select CIO, its 10, if its CIO and CPP then its 10+14. Am I being a total div?! TIA!

This is the code;

Blockquote SERVER
output$p <- renderPlotly({
plot_ly(projection, x = ~projection$Month, color = ~projection$Simple,
transforms = list(
type = ‘filter’,
target = ~projection$ProductCode,
operation = ‘in’,
value = input$Product
#value = paste(input$Product, collapse = ", ")
) %>%

Blockquote UI
inputId = “Product”,
label = “Select a product code”,
choices = unique(projection$ProductCode),
selected = “CPO”,
multiple = TRUE),

                              plotlyOutput(outputId = "p")