Time series plot with links to points of interest

Very new to Plotly/Dash

Trying to build the following:

  1. Finance time series plot similar to this (with slider)

  2. Somehow add prominent labels vertically aligned with various dates (corresponding to major stock price events) - these would be irregular as dictated by the market

  3. Labels should be clickable so as to link to other pages (e.g. an analysis page about that event)

I can easily get a nice graph in plotly, but would think I’d need to use Dash (as the data will come from google finance or similar) and the hard part is getting the labels on the graph

Thanks for writing in. It’s not clear what your question is, but it seems like you’re on the right track.

I would go through our tutorial at https://dash.plot.ly/.

However, the sorts of things you’re looking to do are all possible with base plotly.

Range sliders are explained here: https://plot.ly/python/range-slider/

Text and annotations are explained here: https://plot.ly/python/text-and-annotations/

And you can use <a> tags in labels or annotations to make them clickable.

Hope this helps. If you need more support, you can check out Plotly support plans here: https://support.plot.ly/plans

Thanks a lot. I had somehow missed that annotation documentation. This will be a fun project. I will post the finished project here if I can make it happen.