Ticksuffix doesn't show for stacked barchart

I’m trying to add a %-suffix to the x-axis on a stacked barchart, but it doesn’t appear to show up.
The code section in question is as follows:

        layout = go.Layout(
            # hovermode='compare',
            # legend=dict(orientation='h', tracegroupgap=0, traceorder='reversed', x=-1, xanchor='right'),
            margin=go.layout.Margin(l=270, r=30, t=90, b=50, pad=10), #l=270, r=40
            yaxis=go.layout.YAxis(dict(showticklabels=False, ticksuffix = '%')),
            annotations = annotations + annotations_r + annotations_l + annotations_l_2

Oh man, I should’ve finished my coffee before typing out this question.
I added the ticksuffix to the wrong axis, and since I’m hiding ticklabels from the yaxis, I didn’t see anything in the output. Using xaxis=dict(ticksuffix = '%') works.