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'This is the format of your plot grid' cmd line message

I’m just ran the dash-table-experiments/ and noticed, what seems to be, a debug message appearing in the terminal (see below). Is this something that is specific to the dash-table-experiments library? Also, is this something we can customize to debug other parts of the code?

Thanks, Maxim - - [23/Feb/2018 08:38:47] "POST /_dash-update-component HTTP/1.1" 200
This is the format of your plot grid:
[ (1,1) x1,y1 ]
[ (2,1) x1,y2 ]
[ (3,1) x1,y3 ]

This (rather annoying) message comes from the call to You can stop it appearing by adding the keyword argument print_grid=False when it is called.