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This example code in the online tutorial appears to not be working

I’m having trouble getting the expected output from this tutorial:


See attached screenshot. E.g. Quartz7 variable should be a dictionary, but is a list. Not sure why. Thus I get an error when attempting the next step involving Quartz7. Also type(Quartz7.get_data()) returns a list, not a dictionary.

I’ve double-checked that I transcribed the code correctly … maybe I’m overlooking something?


Thanks for reporting and the detailed screenshot. This is definitely an error in the docs. Quartz7_data (the figure’s data object) should really by Quartz7 (the figure object) in these examples. Quartz7['data'][0] would work, or Quartz7_data[0].

We’re updating the docs - Will ping this thread when its fixed.

Else just assign Quartz7_data the data reported in the example, which will make it a dictionary.

Just wondering how the command worked in the tutorial, since it gave the expected output (eg in [7] and out [7]).