The Wall (Geostationary Satellites near real-time animations)

Hi Community members,
I wanted to highlight a unique Geostationary Satellites Animation application that was created by Louis Gonzalez and their team of people that have decades of experience in satellite imagery. It works by recombining public data feeds from several satellites to create close-to-real-time, true color views of the planet.

Most free data comes from old satellites watching earth and are missing one or several visible bands; the magic behind those breathtaking views is to recombine the data to create RGB impressions and correct for the different spacial movements and orientation of satellites.
Some highlights in the gallery are images of California and Australian fires, as seen from space.

Thank you for creating this app!


Wow, so impressive! Curious how the real time video works on the home page. Is it just an html.Video element with some kind of real-time-y URL?