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Tableau Freezing on my Plot.Ly

Hi, from within Tableau then I can fire up a URL, no problem. I can even go to htts::// and it opens painlessly. But clicking on “log in” gets me nothing and, more important, I cant get to my charts created in plotly. They just freeze with a “Loading” icon spinning.

I think I read that this is because I am using a free version of plotly. Is that true? I can no longer find the article which mentioned that. Can you think of other reasons the charts wont open?

The slightly bigger discussion is that I am intrigued to have Tableau call Python as a script and thereby pass data to Python, which could then happily make beautiful charts and I’d have them displayed inside a Tableau window. Does this sound a realistic plan?

Regards, John

Aha. Maybe more trivial than I thought.

Looks like the only trick to getting the file to display is to use the plotly “.embed” link…