Subplots Buttons

Hi everyone,

I have a subplot grid of the following structure:

[ (1,1) x,y   ]  [ (1,2) x2,y2 ]

[ (2,1) x3,y3 ]  [ (2,2) x4,y4 ]

[ (3,1) x5,y5 ]  [ (3,2) x6,y6 ]

Currently, I am placing a dropdown menu above each subplot, and I want that the respective button changes the respective subplot accordingly, i.e.,

  • Above (1,1), there is a button which should create a cluster inside of (1,1), just like in the docs, Relayout Dropdown

The clusters are created accordingly, i.e., when I change the dropdown menu above (3, 1), the cluster is generated correctly, although it is created in the (1,1) figure.

I do not want it to be created in the (1,1) subplot, I want it to be created in the (3,1) figure.

Is there any possibility I can achieve this?

Thank you very much in advance!



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