Storing favorite options for users

Hello! I’ve created a tool in dash that allows users at where I work to filter and display data in specific ways. One of the requested features is a ‘favorites’ functionality. Allowing users to store filters they use often so they don’t have to go through a series of drop down menus and inputs all the time. I originally looked at the persistence attribute available in most Dash components, but I’m confused about whether persistence applies to only the value of a component or can I apply it to a component like a drop down menu’s options.

I guess my question is can I use persistence on specific attributes of components like drop down menu’s options? My ideal situation is I allow the users click a button allowing them to create a favorite, then I put these favorite filters in a drop down who’s ‘options’ are persistent locally (stored in the browser). How could I go about this?

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!