Store user-uploaded media

Dear all,

I am looking for a good way to store user-uploaded media (primarily images, maybe videos). The media will need to be retrieved for on-demand display in the web app, and also available for retrieval via third-party web apps.

I understand my options are:

A. Store filepath in the database (I use mongodb) and store the media file in a filesystem. In this case, I don’t understand how I could set up this filesystem so that the files are accessible by other applications.

B. Store filepath in the database and store the media in an object storage solution. I have found minio that could be deployed on a VM for this purpose.

  • The database needs to exist and it’s the single point for interaction with the outside world; other apps need to access this DB that is fed by my app.

  • I don’t need huge scalability - this is expected to be a small scale project / proof of concept. So I’d pick simplicity of deployment over infinite scalability.

Any comments/experience would be greatly helpful. I appreciate the time you took for reading this. Thank you!