Stacked Funnel Plot with go.Fullel not accepting variables for x value

If I enter any variables for x = it does not generate a funnel plot. If I hard code numbers in it will generate the plot.
I am using pandas to select data from a PostgreSQL database that I want to use in the plot. It creates a single line with 3 columns for max, avg, and min. The stacks are for Temperature, Humidity and Pressure.
I am NOT able to find any information on how to do this.
All of the examples I have seen are hard coding the numbers and I do NOT want to do this as the data is coming from the database.
When I used I was able to generate the funnel plots but then learned it does not support subplots so I had to switch to the go,funnel which I can NOT get to work.
To further define what I am trying to do is to have a funnel plot at the top of the page with max, avg, & min as the titles on the left(which it shows) and the plot will be a stacked funnel with temperature, humidity and pressure showing in the middle. It currently shows 3 boxes of blue, red & green on the right side with titles of Temperature, Humidity and Pressure next to them.

Then under this funnel plot I want to create 3 line charts showing max, avg and min for the hours of the day for each of Temperature, Humidity and pressure.

Any suggestions?


I finally got it working where I just set x = variable without any [ or ( around the variable.