Stacked bar with positive and negative values

Hi guys,

I have data for a stacked bar with both positive and negative values. I would like the negative values to render below the x axis and stack and the positive values to render above the x axis and stack. I have tried stack and overlay MODE and in both cases at least one of my datapoints is being hidden behind another bar. MODE = group renders as expected with negative values below the line. Is this a bug?

Sounds like a similar unresolved problem here:

Many thanks.

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This is the intended behaviour of the stack and overlay bar modes at the moment.

Your use case seems pretty common, I’m thinking we add another barmode value e.g. 'stack-relative'

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That would be awesome. Thanks.

What are the use cases of the “intended behaviour” ?

A new barmode has been added in the latest plotly.js release.

This example compares the different barmode values.