Spectacle Editor and PowerPoint with Plotly

So I just came across Spectacle Editor (https://plot.ly/python/presentations-tool/) , it looks great. I got my own copy. I have the following questions that the page doesn’t really seem to address. Hoping some one can clarify:

  1. While Spectacle Editor seems to be free, it looks like in order to paste a figure generated by Plotly, it has to be uploaded to my Plotly account ? When we have confidential data, this is not an option, so are there other alternatives like hosting the image on an internal server ?

  2. All the examples talk about manually posting the plots into the Spectacle Editor, is there a way to automate publishing a bunch of plots into spectacle editor and customizing it ? If this feature doesn’t exist, I would highly recommend that to be in the road map.

  3. Is there a way to automatically write plotly figures into a powerpoint ? If so, can someone kindly point me to an example or documentation which lists the options ?

Hello @UdayGuntupalli, did you manage to find a reply to your questions?. I am specially interested in finding a way to use my confidential data on Spectacle without uploading to Plotly account :slight_smile:

@Manuel_Carrasco ,
Sorry for the late reply. Nope, I never made any progress on it. Could not find any resources.