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Specifying (or even "Saving") node locations in Sankey

I want to try and specify the locations (or even just ordering) of nodes in a Sankey plot.
I can reorder them by hand, but refreshing loses the reordering I did.
Is there a way to do so? I didn’t find any by searching.

Thanks in advance!


I face a similar problem: I cannot set the ordering in a sankey plot. The per default generated ordering simply does not make sense. Is there any way to change the default ordering?

Agree, controlling node order is particularly useful for the “alluvial diagram” variant of the Sankey, where node order is critical. Please add some sort of “order=” option when possible (see ipysankeywidget for example of this, which is list in left right order of nodes in top down order).

Agreed. Each node in my sankey diagram starts from the same location but I want some nodes to stay at the step where they do not have any link with other nodes anymore.

In above image you can see what I mean. Some of the nodes starts from the beginning although their link with other nodes ends in the third level at sankey diagram. How can I change their location?

Thanks in advance,