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Some type of traces are expanded too much in Plotly cloud

For 6 months all heatmaps, contourplots and histogram2dcontours, that have normal sizes set
in layout (width=600, height=600) are displayed fine in notebook, but are expanded by a factor of
at least 1.5, when they are opened in Plotly cloud. With such a huge size these plots cannot be seen entirely.
These two plots (600 x 600), (950x 950) have different sizes set in layout, but are displayed of the same size in Plotly cloud.

I’m wondering whether the layout attribute, autoexpand, set on True in plotly.js:,
but inaccessible via, can cause this behaviour. It’s not clear from documentation what really is the role of this attribute (‘info’ is too general ).

No matter what causes this odd magnification it would be fine to be removed.