SOLVED: Plotly Github mock tests don't match baseline image files

I am testing a new Scala wrapper using the Plotly’s Github test image samples. I am assuming that the resulting plot must be the same as the resulting baseline images. Is this correct?

My first test uses the 0.json mock to generate an HTML file. The resulting plot should be the same as the 0.png baseline image. However the image is not the same. The example can be found in codepen.

Note that the example has minor changes to the JSON because I can only parse according to the lates schema - so I have no support for the deprecated attributes.

Can anyone tell me why the difference? Any problem with the JSON definition?


Found out what the issue is. The following was missing:

    "barmode": "stack", 
    "bargap": 0.2, 
    "bargroupgap": 0, 

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