[ Solved ]: Is it possible to use alphanumeric characters as markers?

I have found that it is easier for users to track data in scatterplots with many series when the series markers are alphanumeric instead of shapes. Is it possible to do this in Plotly.js scatterplots?

Here’s how: https://codepen.io/etpinard/pen/LLaOwB?editors=0010

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You rock! Gracias!

I did notice that capital letter are positioned “high” for Y whereas lowercase letters are positioned correctly for both X and Y, is there a way to kern the uppercase letters down? (similar to the dy text attribute in svg)?

Not at the moment, unfortunately, You can try using textposition, but they might not be the precision you’re looking for.

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Anybody know how to make the plot that @etienne shared with us in R?