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Slider focus cause update in infinite loop

I have callbacks:

@app.callback(Output('inter-yr', 'children'), [Input('year-slider', 'value')])
def saveYear(year):
    return json.dumps(year)
@app.callback(Output('inter-d1', 'children'), [Input('main-indicator', 'value'), Input('inter-yr', 'children')])
def loadData1fromAPI(ddval1, years):
    years = json.loads(years)
    json1 = getIndData(ddval1, '1', str(years))
    return json.dumps([json1, ddval1, years])

@app.callback(Output('inter-d2', 'children'), [Input('rel-indicator', 'value'), Input('inter-yr', 'children')])
def loadData2fromAPI(ddval2, years):    
    years = json.loads(years)    
    json2 = getIndData(ddval2, '2', str(years))
    return json.dumps([json2, ddval2, years])

Changing slider cause functions loadDataNfromAPI to call in infinite loop. It’s expensive because getIndData gets data from database and it’s lot of them. While focus == True it’s looping. When I click somewhere it stops.

How can I unfocus slider automatically or find some other workaround? Are my callbacks correctly written? Maybe I generate but myself.