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Simple 3D-graph but very slow latex interpretation


I’m new to plotly and here is my problem:

I want to create a 3D network graph (using python) with latex on each node.
As a first try, I did this: and I would be satisfied if I could rotate the graph without loosing all the latex labels.
The idea is to make a presentation with live navigation in the graph.

A few more info:
-It always takes a few seconds (3 to 20) for the latex labels to appear the first time. I tried both online ( and local (jupyter) plot in different browsers (firefox, chromium).
-Sometimes, I recover the label after rotating (with additional 20s) sometimes not.
-If I use only text (i.e. not latex) in the ‘annotations’, the rotation works fine.
-From: It seems that using ‘text’ rather than ‘annotation’ would be faster but latex don’t seem to work in ‘text’. Should it?
-From above link it also seems that there might be a way to “animate” without recalculation of parts of the graph (e.g. annotations?) but I am unable to reproduce it (b.t.w. the example is not given in python but in js)