Show user relationship by date and time?


A first time poster, thankyou for making this site available. I am wanting to visualise the relationship of each user where there activity is within 5 minutes of each other? What is the best way to acheive and can anyone point in the direction of a suitable example? I have tried following several tutorials and books but without success!

Some sample data:

User Date Time
John 20/05/2016 13:20
John 20/05/2016 13:45
Sam 20/05/2016 13:47
Peter 20/05/2016 15:34
Paul 20/05/2016 15:45
Steve 20/05/2016 15:45
Sue 20/05/2016 16:30
David 21/05/2016 10:00


Relationship is usually illustrated through a network.
In your case the nodes are users,and any two users that had activity within 5 minutes of each other are connected.
Here is an example of Plotly plotted network:
and here a notebook: