Show and Tell: Dash - TradingView Light Weight Charts

Hello Community !

This is my first post in the forum. I want to showcase a personal project that I am recently working on -

Dash TradingView Lightweight Chart Library (TVLWC)

It is also on PyPI (dash-tvlwc):

The original tradingview/lightweight-charts library is a well-known one in the financial world. Being deeply drawn to its aesthetics, I decided to wrap and bring it to the Dash community. I personally have been using Dash intensively for many internal dashboarding tools at work, and that’s why I am looking for a component that really fits for the use of creating financial-focused dashboard. Comparing to the original Graph component, TVLWC is probably equally customizable, and probably more light-weighted / suitable for real-time frequent updates.

Interested people could learn more about this HTML framework: Lightweight Financial Charting Library — TradingView

Note: This is my first time actually “completing” a open-source tool (I’m proud of myself!). I don’t have the deepest knowledge on Dash and very limited knowledge about the js world (started some mini-projects recently!). Greatly appreciate if anyone can comment on it.



Very nice @tysonwu Congratulations on creating this component :tada:

How was the experience wrapping it with Dash? Was it simple figuring it out?

I’d like to add this new package to our growing list of community components.

Could you update the minimal example on your github so it works if one would copy it directly into their computer and run it?

@adamschroeder Thank you for considering adding my work into the community components list!

I have updated the minimal example on Github, with additional examples in ./demo and ./example. The app in ./demo is running live on pythonanywhere.

I have also wrote the documentation on readthedocs.

@tysonwu Congrats - this looks great! :tada:
Thanks for sharing



Thank you @tysonwu for adding the live example and the docs.

I just added your component to the official community components list.

Congratulations :tada:

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It’s just beautiful! Is there something similar for plotly js?

This is just great!

Is there a way to add subplots that share the x-axis?
Eg for Volume / MACD / etc…

Hi @popo , shared x-axis is currently not supported as each chart is standalone in a component level. The original charting library does not support this either. However I am considering this option in the future as it is very common!

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Any idea on when that feature will be implemented?

Hi tysonwu. Thank you for this amazing component. I have been playing around with it lately and one thing I noticed is that whenever the browser window gets resized (i.e. from small to large) the xaxis doesn’t resize accordingly. I have tried to figure out why that is the case, but couldn’t find any solution. Do you know how I can make it responsive to changes in window size? Below you can find two images: the first one is after initally loading the page and second one after increasing the window size of the browser. Any help is much appreciated.

Can I have the link to this code that you show in this video?

Hi @arahmani

Check out the links to the docs and github in this post: Show and Tell: Dash - TradingView Light Weight Charts - #3 by tysonwu

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