Show and tell - DASH APP for Navigation websites


This navigation website was initially designed by BYR-Navi with jekyll.
I use it as my personal navigation website and I really like its desgin concept. But I am not familar with Jekyll and feel like I need a website more than just a static HTML navigation website. Thus, I modified it with Pyhton and Plotly DASH.

In general, I use Plotly DASH for data visualization only. But I really want to know what else Dash can do beside it. So here is the one.

You may notice the header,footer and layout will be created dynamically with page load. The reason is that the data for header,footer and layout will be generated and updated with page refresh without restarting the whole DASH app again.


Github: github

Thanks for sharing and starting the discussion. Iā€™m curious to see if/how others have tried this approach.