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Dash Community –

This is a pinned meta thread to highlight and organize work done by the incredible Dash community.

If you would like your project to be added to this list, please create a new topic and include “show and tell” in the title. We’ll link to those posts from within this topic. Discussion about any particular show and tell can continue in its respective topic. Also, feel free to DM me if you would like any other resources included or removed on this list.

Thanks to everybody who has contributed!

Dash Apps

Dash Components

Components written and maintained by the community. See for a tutorial on writing your own 3rd party components.

Dash Blog Posts, Articles, Tutorials, and Talks

@chriddyp, the author of Dash, has given a few talks and written a few blog posts. See:

The rest of these posts are from the greater Dash community:

Dash Productivity Tools

Dash CSS


Adding sd-material-ui to Dash Components - “StratoDem Analytics Dash implementation of material-ui components.”

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Adding Gene expression app (Community Thread) to Dash Apps (it’s so nice!)

One click dash deployment using Binder and app mode

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A nice 5 Part Youtube Series on Dash: Final result displays how to plot real time data from a vehicle.

Dash App that “Tracks whale activity in cryptocurrency markets.”:

Climate Change Life Events by @schivlg -,,


Boilerplate app for handling long processes: Boilerplate Heroku Dash App for Long Processes (show and tell)

Crypto Sentiment Analysis

Adding a nice tool for visualizing your app’s callback chain.


Dash Video Component!

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Really nice fitness app that combines Strava, Nokia, and Google Drive data:



Really nicely designed UFC Dash App


Really impressive “Large File Upload” component: Show And Tell -- Dash Resumable Upload

Supports 1GB file uploads directly to the server (instead of keeping the data in memory) + uploads are resumable.


Incredible app by @lucapinello at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Pinello Lab


Thanks for sharing it!

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Dash Grid Generator - A library that makes it easier to build dashboard-style grid layouts

Example layout:

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Youtube Audio App - Searches through closed captions of a YouTube video and displays a time-based histogram with the frequency of those words. So cool!
Here’s an example with the famous “Yes We Can” speech, searching the mode “yes”