Setup Dash in offline computer

I am trying to install Dash in a computer that doesn’t have internet connection.
Python is freshly installed and doesn’t have any packages that is not built-in with it.

I tried downloading the dash from Pypi and installed which asked me for some dependencies like FLask, Plotly which is again having its own dependencies.

Is there an effective way to download and install all required dependencies or do we have any bundled package for dash ?

Hi @raja26, you can make a fresh virtual environment in another computer with the same version of Python, install Dash, do a pip freeze to get the list of dependencies, and then install all these dependencies in a directory which you can copy to your offline computer. Here is a version below using Linux or mac.
On the computer with Internet access, inside a fresh virtual environment

mkdir packages-linux-python3
pip install dash 
pip freeze > packages-linux-python3/requirements.txt
pip download -r packages-linux-python3/requirements.txt --dest packages-linux-python3/

and then on the offline computer

cd packages-linux-python3
pip install --no-index --find-links="." -r requirements.txt 

Thank you Emmanuelle. It worked.