Setting default value of dcc.Input of type=Date to last working day

As a newbie to dash I am curetnly faced with the following probelm
I currently have a dcc.Input item of type Date , I am trying to set its default value to the last working day
Any suggestions?

This is my code
dbc.Label(“Input date:”, style={‘font-family’:‘Calibri’, ‘font-weight’:‘bolder’, ‘font-size’:‘1.5em’}),
id=‘startdate-input’,type=‘Date’, value=[(‘03.06.2019’)])],style={‘width’: ‘250px’, ‘margin-right’: ‘auto’,
‘margin-left’: ‘auto’, ‘text-align’: ‘center’, ‘font-weight’: ‘bolder’,
‘font-family’: ‘Calibri’,})

I haven’t looked at the component but it looks like you can replace the string in value with something that generates the string.

Looks like Pandas has a business day module which will get you the date object of that day. Then use the date object’s strftime method to convert it into a string in the required format.