Selectedpoints in callback for scattergeo

I have a scattergeo map in a multi page app that uses the ‘selectedpoints’ property in a callback and it works as expected. I then created a separate app with just the map in the layout and the same callback for the map as the multi page app and I get a NonExistentPropException stating that the component doesn’t have ‘selectedpoints’ as a property. Available properties are:
[‘id’, ‘clickData’, ‘clickAnnotationData’, ‘hoverData’, ‘clear_on_unhover’, ‘selectedData’, ‘relayoutData’, ‘extendData’, ‘restyleData’, ‘figure’, ‘style’, ‘className’, ‘animate’, ‘animation_options’, ‘config’, ‘loading_state’]

Is there any reason the ‘selectedpoints’ property would be available in one representation and not in another when both the layout and callback are identical?