Selected Point Example Further explanation


I’m trying to understand the Crossfilter example better. So if I’m not understanding how this is suppose to work please let me know. Specifically the first line of the Callback pulls in the pandas data frame index numbers:

selectedpoints = df.index

In the example this results in getting an array of the indexes which is also passed in the customdata variable. This is then used to determine what is selected.

But when I use the same format in my code I just get an array of every single row in the dataframe. How is the example filtering these?

example selectedpoints = df.index returns:
[ 7 27] after I’ve made a selection

my selectedpoints = station_df.index return:
RangeIndex(start=0, stop=789, step=1) no matter what the selection of the dropdown is

I guess, ultimately, I’m not understanding how the selectedpoints variable is filtering anything if you are just calling the entire index of the dataframe

One caveat, in my app the input is a dropdown and gets the value from the drop down which is equal to the index.