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Second entry in go.Scatter throw syntax error


Could someone please tell me what is wrong with this line of code as it is throwing a syntax error. I have highlighted it in bold. I have checked all the brackets and they do line up. I am just plotting two line graphs on the same chart. When I remove the line, everything is fine.

‘data’: [go.Scatter(x=MFTdf[‘MFT’], y=MFTdf[‘MFT Planned’], mode = ‘lines’, name = ‘MFT Planned’),
(x=MFTdf[‘MFT’], y=MFTdf[‘MFT Actual’], mode = ‘lines’, name = ‘MFT Actual’)],
‘layout’: go.Layout(title=‘Review States’,
yaxis={‘title’: ‘Completion Status’})}),
interval=1*1000, # in milliseconds

I just looked at the cheat sheet and it must be itemized separately as such.

trace1 = go.Scatter()
trace2 = go.Scatter()

data = [trace1, trace2]

Sorry for wasting everyone’s time.