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Resizing of dashboard is not persistent after saving

The dashboard I have created works fine except for one thing: after I resize the height of the graphs and save the dashboard, this resizing does not persist when I open it again from my profile page or via its link. I want to resize the dashboard because it is unnecessarily heigh; the graph spans more then 1 screen height.

The dashboards are here:
and here

Any thoughts?

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I’m having the same issue. Did you get a solution?

Unfortunately, no I haven’t.

@swbutler, @mwkorevaar Same here! Once I resize the graphs, save changes and then load the dashboard again, it unfortunately defaults to the original (huge) height.

@chelsea is the team aware of this bug?

I did not file a bug report, but I assume they read the boards here?

@mwkorevaar, perhaps file a bug report? Everyone is busy at Plotcon right now, but they might have some bandwidth in the coming weeks.