Reset Tab Values

I have a dash with three tabs where if you click the graph in tab 1, it takes you to tab 2, and if you click a graph there it takes you to tab 3. The problem I’m having is that when I click in tab 1, it takes me to tab 2 the first time , but if I go back to tab 1 (without clicking anything in tab 2), it doesn’t change the tab, like Dash hasn’t reset the ‘value’ for the tabs. I wanted to use the current tab as an input, but you can’t use value as an input and an output. My current workaround involves tracking the specific point you click, which works as long I don’t click the same point in tab 1 twice in a row. When I do that, it runs into the same issue. Is there a way to refer to the tab I am in indirectly or to pull the time that the last clickData was obtained?