Request Timeout or Cancelation


I have UI updates that can be rather long depending. For example, the user may pick some option and I would want to plot something, but that may take a lot of time.
Is there some way to have a timeout for them (and then display an error or previous state) or even have an option for the user to cancel themselves?


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You can set timeouts on the flask or WSGI server (e.g. gunicorn) level. If an exception occurs during the processing of a callback, then the output will not be updated, implicitly showing the ‘previous state’.

As far as I’m aware, there isn’t a way to cancel running requests using something like gunicorn.

Hi Chris,

Can you explain how to add a timeout for flask or gunicorn to prevent 504 gateway timeout error? I run into this error when the downloading task takes 2 min to complete. I tried adding --timeout 300 to Procfile. But it doesn’t seem to work.