Removing Hover Functionality

I’m using the plotly python and I need to plot over 100,000 points on a smith chart. Is there a way to turn off the hover functionality? It is causing the plot to take an extremely long time to run.

In each trace of your plot, set either hoverinfo="none" or hoverinfo="skip", and compare their effect.

Hey, I probably should have mentioned this in the original post. But I’m also trying to plot 100,000+ points, but it takes a very long time to load. Is there any method to making the plot generate much faster? I just need a visual representation of the plot, not necessarily all of the information such as what are the specific point locations.

OK, my answer points out how to remove hover information. It doesn’t matter the number of points. You should add one of the settings above in (each) trace of figure, i.e :

fig=go.Figure(go.Scatter(x=[...], y=[...], hoverinfo="skip"))

Then replace with hoverinfo="none" and see whether the expected effect occurs or not.