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Remove Edit Chart Button and Undo subplot positioning after save


  1.  I understand that to remove the edit chart button I need to add &link=false but can someone just remove &link=false from the URL and refresh the page, then click edit chart and make changes?
  2.  How do I edit/revert traces without messing everything up, UNDO button goes away after saving the chart, closing and reopening? 

For example I want to remove top Y axis and the right X axis from the 4 lines that are on a bar chart.
I try changing the subplot of the lines to just be in the chart but the right X axis does not go away only the Y so when I try to change the X to the right on both lines they overlap with the original ones.
3. Also when I remove all traces from the subplot, the graph still stays, how do I delete the entire graph, if I have multiple graph’s on a plot?



  1. No. In order for them to make any changes to the plot, they’d have to open it in their own workspace and save it in their account. It won’t change YOUR plot.
  1. You can’t revert changes to your plot in the new workspace. The only “undo” button is in the subplot/multiple axes feature and it’ll only undo the last selection/arrangement. Plotly 2.0 is still in its alpha stage, so we’re working on implementing and improving features such as this one and fixing little bugs.

  2. This is another little issue with the subplot/multiple axes feature and again, this is something we’re working on. You can delete the plot altogether in your Organize page by hovering over your plot (and/or your associated data) and clicking on the trash icon.

Hopes this helps. Happy plotting!