Remaking figures from a 1967 classic book on visualization

This personal project doesn’t involve Dash (just yet?) but I thought I’d share it here anyway. I’ve been revisiting figures from one of my favourite data visualization books, Bertin’s Semiology of Graphics from 1967, using Plotly Express, and I thought folks here might find it interesting!

Check it out at Remaking Figures from Semiology of Graphics and let me know what you think!


Love this! Just crazy to imagine how viz was such a specialized skill and how it required such draftsmanship! I really take it for granted how far we’ve come and how accessible our tools are.

Waouw, this is so beautiful and very well written. Amazing job @nicolaskruchten, thanks for sharing this with the community. New go-to reference to Plotly I will share with the students :ok_hand:t5:

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You opened my new century in visualization

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