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Remaking figures from a 1967 classic book on visualization

This personal project doesn’t involve Dash (just yet?) but I thought I’d share it here anyway. I’ve been revisiting figures from one of my favourite data visualization books, Bertin’s Semiology of Graphics from 1967, using Plotly Express, and I thought folks here might find it interesting!

Check it out at http://nicolas.kruchten.com/semiology_of_graphics/ and let me know what you think!


Love this! Just crazy to imagine how viz was such a specialized skill and how it required such draftsmanship! I really take it for granted how far we’ve come and how accessible our tools are.

Waouw, this is so beautiful and very well written. Amazing job @nicolaskruchten, thanks for sharing this with the community. New go-to reference to Plotly I will share with the students :ok_hand:t5:

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You opened my new century in visualization

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