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Redshift Connection URL form Falcon resulting in an S3 connection

I have an instance of Falcon running on my PC that is connected to an Amazon Redshift database. I went through the process of getting a URL and SSL socket created. Then, when I went to import the data in a plot.ly chart, I pasted the URL when asked by the plot.ly tools to paste the “URL assigned to by Falcon”. To be clear, I did not try to use the “from URL” import but instead used the SQL query option. The URL seems to work and a connection is made to one of my Amazon S3 buckets instead of the Amazon Redshift database.

The connection worked originally and I was able to make the queries from Redshift. However, now it only connects to the same S3 bucket (which isn’t even the S3 bucket that is associated with my Redshift database).

Anybody know why this would happen?