Recomendations for coloured skyscrapers of different heights and widths

I have a sort of sky-scraper plot that I’m computing as a best fit through some data.

The widths of the columns is not the same. If I plot in PowerPoint it looks like this

where I have manually drawn coloured rectangles and matched them to “label”. Fine, sort of, except each time I have new data I need to manually touch up each rectange. So I want to do this in Plotly (and Dash). I know how to take a brute force approach and draw coloured rectangles in position. Ugh… What are other choices? One thought is to have thirty or so traces colour filled to y-axis with one trace per label.

Is there anything easier? Thanks,

You should be able to use a single bar trace, like this: Bar Charts | Python | Plotly

Oh wow. That is perfect.